Why the TASAT™?


The TASAT™ helps organizations measure, benchmark, and ultimately optimize their talent acquisition systems and strategies. The TASAT™ was programmed using The 4 Principles Methodology which is based on the findings from 4 million hires for 1,500 companies the across United States over the span of 20 years.

Talent acquisition can be the determining factor in the success or failure of an enterprise. Human Resource organizations are feeling the pressure to evolve into People and Talent organizations and begin contributing strategically and measurably to the business outcomes.

And that pressure is only going to grow in intensity.

By 2030, there will be a shortage of human talent, globally amounting to more than 85 million people. If this shortage is left unchecked, then it could result in a loss of $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues (Korn Ferry).

Distinguishing your talent acquisition systems now is the only way to survive that future.


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The 4 Principles Methodology

Pulling from a combined 100+ years of talent acquisition, the Partners team has developed a proprietary methodology based on what they have observed to be the four key components of TA. 


A successful system begins and ends with people. Uncover bottlenecks caused by miscommunication, lack of trust, and imbalanced teams.


Is it a process problem or a people problem? It's sometimes hard to tell, but a well-designed process can often solve both.


TA table stakes now include automations and integrations. An audit of your tech systems can generate mass efficiencies. 


No TA process works in a vacuum, but the community of partnerships you build should be seamlessly supportive of the candidate experience.