Our Philosophy

Randall Reilly Partners™ increases operational efficiency through a combination of proprietary data and custom technology. We believe our deep integration in our industries, technological development, and world-class personnel uniquely position us to create holistic talent acquisition strategies.

Those strategies transform talent acquisition
from a growth limiter to a growth driver.

Our Team


Emily Gordon

SVP, Partners

Emily Gordon has more than 20 years of talent acquisition experience. Her unique ability to uncover creative solutions and then apply those solutions has helped hundreds of companies achieve their hiring goals, especially in difficult market environments. She possesses wide-ranging expertise in client relations, continuous process improvement, and full-life cycle talent acquisition. Emily joined the Randall Reilly family in 2021 to spearhead a new team dedicated to on full process recruitment for select clients with intensive talent acquisition challenges. She also holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan.


James Cleaver

VP, Talent Solutions

James Cleaver has more than 15 years in talent acquisition as a global TA and RPO leader. He has a background in TA leadership, Technology and Sourcing, and Acquisitions. James has led client portfolios in the range of 40M-50M USD across multiple industries including Airline, Transportation, Financial Services, Construction, Retail and Healthcare and more. James has been part of 2 global RPO's at the executive level, with clients that have had recruiting in all major markets of the world. Prior to Randall Reilly Partners, he led Talent Acquisition for a global software company that used RPO across 26 countries globally.

The 4 Principles Methodology

Pulling from a combined 100+ years of talent acquisition, the Partners team has developed a proprietary methodology based on what they have observed to be the four key components of TA.


A successful system begins and ends with people. Uncover bottlenecks caused by miscommunication, lack of trust, and imbalanced teams.


Is it a process problem or a people problem? It's sometimes hard to tell, but a well-designed process can often solve both.


TA table stakes now include automations and integrations. An audit of your tech systems can generate mass efficiencies.


No TA process works in a vacuum, but the community of partnerships you build should be seamlessly supportive of the candidate experience.