PartnersTM is the next iteration of RPO.

Our team has helped 1,500+ companies make 4 million+ hires.
Join the evolution.

First, let's look at how talent makes its way into our organizations.

The Talent Acquisition Lifecycle

Beginning with strategy, of course, each phase needs to work together for a successful TA system.

  1. Market Strategy
    Use data and market conditions to create a plan for hiring
  2. Sourcing
    Find active job seekers who meet your exact hiring criteria
  3. Lead Engagement
    Contact prospects and sell the company and the role
  4. Processing
    Verify qualifications and work history
  5. Hire Completion
    Qualified employees scheduled for orientation


Some agencies do bring strategy, but ideas without execution are worthless. Most also lack industry integration and have to use outside sources for market data.

Marketing Agencies in the Talent Acquisition Lifecycle

1. Market Strategy

2. Sourcing


Some may source their own leads, but they’re not strategic contributors nor seamlessly integrated. It can create a negative, jarring experience for candidates.

3rd Party Recruiting The Talent Acquisition Lifecycle Image

2. Sourcing

3. Lead Engagement


Traditional RPO models engage active leads and deliver completed hires, but don’t source fresh leads and build branding with passive prospects.

Traditional RPO The Talent Acquisition Lifecycle Image

3. Lead Engagement

4. Processing

5. Hire Completion

ENTER RPO 2.0 ...

How does our process differ?

Eliminate the gaps.

Our process is built on Holistic Strategies, not siloed segments.

The Partners team works throughout all systems that form the TA Lifecycle to, not only bring in new talent, but to grow your entire business strategically.

RPO 2.0 Holistic Strategy The Talent Acquisition Lifecycle Image

The Partners Process


Tap into our ecosystem of recruiting experts to define your unique challenges and goals. We work with your team to establish a standard operating procedure and certify our team to represent your company.


Our teams integrate to build a pipeline of prospects. New technologies and processes streamline the application process. Our SEO expertise, driver database, and partnerships ensure the right drivers find your jobs.


Time to qualify and interview drivers. Since our team is integrated into your system, we are able to capture background checks, VOEs, and certifications while providing a seamless driver experience.


We begin handing off qualified drivers to you for orientation. This begins the feedback loop that ensures you are filling your positions faster. Custom reporting  provides complete transparency.

Your Scalable Partners Team

Your Scaleable Partners Team Image
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Your Dedicated Team

Your Partners team only works on your account to maintain your data integrity and blend seamlessly with your staff.

  • Sourcing Specialist
  • Recruiting Advisor
  • Compliance Coordinator
  • Reporting Analyst
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The Randall Reilly Partners Team

Experienced recruiting talent is ready to augment short-term hiring spikes and unforeseen demand.

  • Continuously Trained
  • Highly Experienced

Randall Reilly’s Ecosystem of Expertise

  • Technology & Product Development
  • Implementation & Innovation
  • Management & Executive Support
  • Deep Transportation Industry Expertise