Unleashing recruiters to become consultants.

“Too many of our leads are going without being contacted.”

The Client

While the client asked to remain anonymous to maintain their competitive advantage in their market, this is the account of how they were able to relieve the burden put on their recruiters from an overwhelming volume of applications with their Randall Reilly Partners.


For the past 68 years...

they have grown to over 275 locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom with 350,000 units available for deployment. 

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Hiring Details + Challenges

Because this company pays below market competitors, it was crucial that lasting changes be made. With a typical run rate of 160-180 open positions excluding Q4 slow downs, our first order of business was identifying what major hiring challenges needed custom solutions. Their immediate concerns were:

“Our recruiters are struggling to hire CDL drivers nationwide.”

“Too many of our leads are going without being contacted.”

“We are overwhelmed by high volume workflows.”



During the discovery phase of the integration process, the biggest concern was that the recruiting team was being engulfed in applications. Attempting to select candidates with a nation-wide scope was just too big of a challenge for this group to take on alone. Recruiters were no longer performing their job functions and were instead sifting through dozens of applications with no beforehand knowledge on whether or not the candidate possessed the appropriate qualifications. They decided to bring in temp workers just to keep up with demand, but this only degraded the candidate experience, resulting in a lower conversion rate on qualified leads. 

Additionally, they utilized a contractor that had challenges effectively screening candidates and qualifying appropriate leads in a timely manner. This ultimately resulted in the business having to use outside vendors to haul equipment at very high daily rates.


In order to target and gather qualified candidates, a dedicated team of experienced Talent Acquisition (TA) specialists was assigned to each geographic region that this business was operating and actively hiring in. Sourcing specialists and compliance coordinators were also included in order to provide personnel support at every step of the process. These specialists stayed active with each candidate until an offer was extended and through the onboarding stages. 

The Partners team was instructed on the unique qualifications of the ideal candidate and used an approved, in-depth screening process to generate the highest quality candidates possible. By doing so, Partners was able to target and engage with candidates that closely aligned with the needs of this company. Providing an employment solution to both the candidate and the company was key in securing long-term commitments from both sides. 


Implementation included a shift from a staff augmentation model to a full RPO model lasting about 1-2 months with a trial operation for 6 months. The specific roles Randall Reilly Partners targeted were CDL day cab drivers who delivered storage containers or commercial mobile office trailers. Our team also helped place setup technicians, field service technicians and yard workers.  

The Partners team was given access to their ATS system as well as other SharePoint and Teams chat programs. We also partnered with them to develop approved branding templates, training programs and optimized process flows. By becoming experts on their processes and integrating seamlessly into their systems, we were able to assist in change management and make optimization recommendations where needed. 


Our Partners team was able to generate:





Working together, our Partners team was able to manageably scale their hiring and generate 2,269 application submissions with 670 secured hires. Through the inclusion of the additional sourcing and TA specialists, we were able to produce a 3.38 submit-to-hire ratio. These are tangible indications that our teams were successfully processing large volumes of applications and landed a higher rate of qualified hires. 

By streamlining the recruiting process to quickly contact leads and sift through applications in a timely manner, the average time to fill a newly opened position was 69.8 days while the average time that candidates experienced from application to hire was 28.9 days.

After the successful operations trial, they decided to release their existing contractors and partner with us full-time. This resulted in a fruitful alliance as they have been one of the longest-running RPO clients that Partners has been associated with. 

Results and Data

Ongoing Improvements

Overall, the most significant benefit from our partnership has been the added capacity for application processing. With the additional sourcing specialists responsible for combing through submitted applications, their own recruiters were able to take a more consultative approach and focus less on processing applications, inevitably leading to an improved candidate experience. The inclusion of sourcing specialists has also led to increased hiring success across all locations, especially in typically hard-to-hire areas of the country. 
There is now a dedicated team focused on following up with leads and proactively headhunting candidates which has drastically cut down the amount of uncontacted leads. All of these points of contact are constantly consulting with hiring leaders to help them make informed decisions based upon market data and candidate qualifications data.