Welcome to RPO 2.0

The TA landscape is changing before our eyes.

38 percent

of companies list “ghosting” as
their #1 hurdle

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90 percent

of companies hiring skilled workers have
unfilled positions

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37 percent

of companies struggle to parse high volumes of candidates 

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How does RPO 2.0 meet these challenges?

RPO 1.0

Generic Hiring Expertise

Insufficient for building an effective process

Static Hiring Pools

Passive hiring approach inevitably leads to lower quality candidates

Legacy Technologies

Obsolete and provides inefficient methodologies in today’s environment

Siloed Strategies

Leads to an
uncoordinated process
and fractured outreach   

RPO 2.0

Industry Integration

Provides data while speaking the language of candidates

Dynamic Datasets

Engages active job seekers without exhausting candidates

Customized Techstacks

Automates and streamlines your processes with best-in-class technology

Holistic Strategies

Coalesces your processes into a comprehensive hiring strategy 

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